Bike to Work

The Bike to Work Scheme is one of the most successful initiatives in recent years. This was launched in 2009, with a view to providing workers with an option to get a bike tax free. This helps you to save money and contribute to a better environment.

Who is eligible for the Bike to Work Scheme?

Anybody who plans to use their bike travelling to or from work, or as part of their work is eligible for the scheme. It can be used by those who are employed or self-employed.

What are the advantages of the Bike to Work Scheme?

There are several advantages to the scheme. First of all, it allows you to save money on the cost of your bike and accessories. People who use the scheme are also helping to cut down on emissions, contributing to a better environment. On a personal level you will be much fitter and in better shape!

How do I take advantage of the scheme?

Drop into The Bike Clinic and pick out your bike. We are open six days a week for your convenience. Once you know what you want, the team can provide you with a quotation. Bring this quote into work. Payment will then be arranged. Most people choose to spread payments over a number of weeks / months. Once this has been arranged, simply drop in and collect your new bike! You may purchase one bike every five years on this scheme.

What can I buy on the scheme?

The scheme is not just limited to the actual bike itself. You can also purchase a number of additional items in order to make your biking safer. This includes locks, lights, helmets, puncture repair kits and much more.